How do I charge an EV or PHEV at work?

Similar to the home scheme, the Government has a Workplace Charging Scheme which provides support to businesses for the costs and installation of electric car charging points at places of work.

At present, the Workplace Charging Scheme contributes up to £350 per socket up to a maximum of 40 sockets to businesses with off-street parking. There are some minimum technical specifications to be met though (the sockets must provide a minimum of 3kW and be fitted by an accredited installer) and the business needs to declare the justification for the sockets– ie having electric vehicles planned or already on the fleet or to provide charging for visitors.

The cost of fitting the sockets can vary dramatically depending on their output but most tend to go for a Type 2 7kW socket for its compatibility. Wall-mounted sockets are obviously cheaper than having posts fitted, while those in publicly-accessible areas can have special keys or touch-cards to prevent unwanted usage.

Companies may not charge for the use of the points. At present, employees are also not liable to pay tax on the value of the electricity used.