RT7 car trailer

Less is more with Brian James Trailers

Lotus founder Colin Chapman was famously obsessed with weight in his cars. His old adage of adding lightness led to some of the best driver’s cars every known.

When it comes to EVs however, weight is proving a thorny subject. As a rule, many drivers want the maximum range possible from their new EVs meaning the largest possible battery.

The only issue is that a larger battery means more weight which, for some of the larger SUVs on the market means some almost embarrassingly high figures on the scales. Both the BMW iX and, tellingly, Lotus Eletre weigh 2.6 tonnes and even the Range Rover plug-in hybrid isn’t that far behind at 2.5 tonnes.

Leaving aside the wider issues of those weights, this is a problem for those in logistics too. The maximum weight that can be towed is 3.5 tonnes, including the trailer, so it’s not hard to see larger electric SUVs start to near that limit – especially so in other markets.

Family business Brian James Trailers might have the answer though with its new lightweight RT7 lightweight enclosed trailer. Founded 44 years ago, Brian James was originally mainly focussed on motorsport trailers, but has since broadened its range to include this new RT7 being shown at the Autosport International Show next week.

The RT7 is up to 200kg lighter than an equivalent RT6 trailer giving more carrying options to the driver. The weight reduction has been achieved through new composite bodywork and flooring, the latter of which is lighter and stronger than the traditional deck-board and also provides more grip.

“With an exceptional specification and a lighter, stronger, smarter design, the RT7 takes enclosed car transport to a new level,” said Lewis James, CEO at Brian James Trailers “Whether for supercar exotics, motorsport, classic or vehicle logistics, the RT7 is the ultimate choice.”

More details on the Brian James RT7 is available at www.bjtin.fo/RT7